In The Clouds

It begins as elevated clouds above the Roll River Mountains with it’s highest point being the magnificent Mount St Catherine – stratovolcano which is 2760 feet high in the Tropical Island of Grenada.

Tropical Rainfall

Drops of tropical rain then descend and percolate through the ground of the untouched rainforest.

Natural Filtration

As the water travels underground, it is naturally filtered through predominantly ancient weathered volcanic rocks, soil sediments and a unique biodiverse tropical rainforest.

Collecting a geographically unique set of natural minerals and electrolytes that delivers Mount Pure’s distinct premium taste.

Artesian Aquifer

It then emerges at the source – a sustainable and pristine Artesian Aquifer. Were it is piped directly to our bottling plant.

We then use ultra-violet light and ozone to ensure the water is of high purity standards before bottling it for your consumption.

Portable Range

Premuim Mineral Water