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About Us

The Brand

“A legacy of Taste “

Voted best tasting water in the world amongst some of the most elite natural water brands in the world.  We are an internationally acclaimed multi award-winning natural water brand from the Caribbean Island of Pure Grenada mainly for our distinctively premium tasting water.


“Beyond the Taste”

We are ultra-conscious about our environment, committed to employing innovative solutions to reduce our impact on our environment. Working in an ethical manner and through philanthropic initiatives making a difference in our world.

The Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of lives through ethically sharing the highest quality of naturally healthy hydration internationally. Whilst adhering to environmental sustainability practices and inspiring positive change in our world.

The History

“Ancient Origins”

Our unique history and heritage of our water predate as early as 1923 when our source was first recorded. Deep in the heart of the Roll River Mountains, sited at the base of the magnificent Mount St Catherine – stratovolcano in the Tropical Island of Grenada. An ancient and pristine Artesian Aquifer lay storing precious mineral water.

The Team

Rolanda McQueen

Chief Executive

Alan Jareno

Chemical Engineer

Olive Joseph

Company Secretary
Mount Pure - Mineral Water

Linda Joseph

Mount Pure - Mineral Water

Vanessa Nija

“Best service I received in the whole of Grenada”

Emma Ventour

“Once you drink it, you just keep going back for more. I love it “

Anna Levi

“I love your water, wish it could be supplied all over the world”

Toni Edwards

“Taste’s amazing and it’s so light, you can drink bottles without even realizing”

Gemma Bowen

“Mount pure mineral water is the best trust me”

Clevon Terrance Richards

“The water is amazing, I myself feel the difference when I drink it. That’s my go-to water always”

Masterrock Mc Lean

“I like the taste in my mouth! It really is different from the rest”

Marlene Baisden

“My favorite daily, I love Mount Pure “

Candy Mitchell Campbell

“Tastes real light and refreshing”

Kirana Francis

“I love this water that’s all I drink”

Calvin Antoine

“Mount Pure is my water, since I started drinking it my acid reflux problem has gone”

Alice McIntosh Campbell

“My husband says drinking Mount Pure is the best thing ever to happen to him”

Yvette Calliste

“The best water in Grenada, that’s all I drink when I’m there love it”

Lesty Pollard

“It’s the best water, it makes my skin look so different”

Nick Charles

“Best drinking water in the world. I love it, I even make tea with it”

Kenneth Buckmire

“it’s purity, high quality and taste is unparalleled”

Nadia Benjamin

Mount Pure is Love”

Abigail Mcphail

“Mount Pure makes me proud to be Grenadian”

Sabine Scharf

“Mount pure is the best, the very best not only in how it tastes”

Hear Flashade Andall

“Exceedingly pure and extremely delicious and 100% Grenadian”

What People Say About Us